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    Whats your best AR?

    Tell me your best AR and why. Mine is the m4,you can snipe with it on single shot or close range fully auto with a good grip

    6 march 2019 04:18 3272

    I do not play much PUBG: Mobile, but I play PUBG on my PC.
    I really like the M416 as well, but I gotta say; I believe the MK14 is better if you have the chance to pick it up in an airdrop, and it's even better with an ext. mag (ofc)

    8 march 2019 16:13 3272

    ​Mk47 Mutant scope x6 single shot long range. ​Groza and ​QBZ95 short range

    11 april 2019 09:50 3272

    AkM is pretty good if you can control the recoil..it has pretty high damage..pretty good if you tap

    13 april 2019 18:01 3272

    kill all team for one bomb

    9 may 2019 15:51 3272

    MK14 is idd better man

    21 may 2019 16:26 3272

    M416.or. akm

    27 may 2019 09:29 3272

    akm is good

    6 june 2019 15:09 3272

    beryl is the best (highest dps) non-crate full-auto ar. it also happens have the most recoil understandably. slap a comp and a vertical grip on it and keep your sprays at 10 rounds max.

    if you want 4x sprays, stick to scar or qbz. again, comp + vertical grip.

    make sure your vertical mouse sensitiviy is 1.0 in the settings. and have a large mouse pad.

    7 june 2019 05:49 3272

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