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    Hi, I was curious if anyone knows what the chances of winning the game key you want in a competition are? Is it worth spending your gems to enter one, or is it more likely that you won't win?

    5 march 2019 04:21 1628

    if your asking how much you should spend to get the best games of the chest, clearly it is a huge amount of gem you can check #proof in discord and checking Kabash's screenshots and you can see that winning Witcher 3 and .... but after opening 40 or 50 chests

    5 march 2019 13:46 1628

    Yea I agree its total balony sandwitch.

    5 march 2019 14:11 1628

    Sometimes you have to list chances, like in China. However I will agree that the chances are likely very slim to pull something you want. Also it is a bologna sandwich.

    5 march 2019 15:38 1628

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