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    Tasks Keep Being Rejected

    I really enjoy this game and I know I'm completing the tasks right, but Gamehag keeps rejecting them on the basis that I "haven't created a new account for the game," in spite of the fact that I have created a new account, directly through the Gamehag link. I want to keep playing this game and get SG for it, but it GH won't credit me, there's nothing I can do.

    3 march 2019 10:05 89

    To those who have had their tasks accepted - have you done anything special to get them accepted? Can you show me the screenshot you sent? My discord name is @Saiyaa in the GH Discord if you want to tag me and show me the screenshot you used so that I can get these tasks done. Thank you so much!

    3 march 2019 10:12 89

    you need to screenshot the requirment on one half of the screen and the other half is your gamehag name

    19 july 2019 21:27 89

    Оааоаоаооаооаво вовлвловов вллввьв влвлп твв. а в пв. Ад

    19 july 2019 22:18 89

    Saiyaa try doing a full screenshot. Try @ the mods on the discord in the community help desk section. If it still doesn't work then write a ticket to Misty

    23 july 2019 02:15 89

    ligi pobici

    24 july 2019 21:51 89

    Write a ticket for Misty.

    2 august 2019 15:44 89

    IDK WHY !!!! BUT I LIKE WoWs

    10 august 2019 16:38 89

    i really like this game its soo awsommm

    10 august 2019 18:46 89


    19 august 2019 15:50 89


    1 september 2019 14:28 89

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