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    A scam site warning/alert!

    If your friends on steam send you this website "https://datspingames.com", JUST DON'T CLICK IT!
    If you still click it, JUST DON'T LOG IN THROUGH STEAM.
    It's a scam website, my account and even one of my group mod account also got hacked.
    I hope you guys be fine.

    24 february 2019 14:03 1628

    Thanks for the warning. I think it's always best not to click on any public links on Steam.

    27 february 2019 05:49 1628

    Thank for warning!

    27 february 2019 06:09 1628

    Thank for the information.

    27 february 2019 10:55 1628

    Thanks, back in the days i've got a lot link from a lot of bots with private account after getting a skin from box xD glad i ignored them all

    27 february 2019 11:01 1628

    Thank for the information.

    27 february 2019 11:19 1628

    Thank for warning

    27 february 2019 14:13 1628

    I've seen plenty of these phishing sites, posted in the steam profile comments. Once you logged in with steam, it can log you into any site automatically, so whenever someone asks you to log in again, they are trying to steal your password. Here is an example of a guy commenting, pretending to be St4ck: https://steamcommunity.com/id/St4ck

    Any time you log into a site. You have to check the URL.

    27 february 2019 16:44 1628

    whats it about

    27 february 2019 17:30 1628

    also to everyone please be carefull with the internet

    27 february 2019 17:31 1628

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