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    Appzone not working for me from past 40 minutes any body else ?

    the appzone watch ads is not working for me it keeps telling me try again i after 5 minutes break restart device and clear the whole app gamehag but still same :( any body else ? or just me so i try to fix internet may be restart router ?

    23 february 2019 19:35 1628

    its working for me try to check you internet connection.

    23 february 2019 19:38 1628

    if its still not working , maybe you passed the daily amount you can gain from the appzone.

    23 february 2019 19:39 1628

    working now for me as well, well like i said regarding daily amount i said it says "Try Again" not the red background saying "Daily Limit Reached"

    23 february 2019 19:40 1628

    I sometimes have that problem too i just turn off and on router and problem solved

    23 february 2019 19:45 1628

    Check internet connection

    26 february 2019 09:40 1628

    I agree, mine is not working too. Probably they turned the rawards off because it was the only to avoid turning into a frog besides playing games or doing tasks.... So sad

    11 september 2020 16:17 1628

    You probably need to complete a task before it will work again.

    11 september 2020 16:55 1628

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