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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    CS:GO maps tips and best practices

    Hey, I've created this thread to let CS:GO players here have a collection of useful tips and best practices for each map. Please share what you've learned playing a map and your experiences which you think is useful to others. Please don't spam.

    21 february 2019 11:49 808

    1. I would say just look up youtube vids for flashes and smokes.
    2. Watch the CS GO major now. Learn from the pros.
    Should make you a better player.

    21 february 2019 12:01 808

    Actually, only watching videos don't make people pro. They need to understand what's happening. I've seen people that try to mimic what a pro player does, like switching weapon after reload, throwing throwables indirectly (by throwing them at a wall or something), etc. but they don't get the result that they should get from doing it right. Many of these guys even can't aim correctly while they're acting like they are pro.

    21 february 2019 12:16 808

    watching videos is a good start

    21 february 2019 17:30 808

    bird watch the espor team because fast learn the pro

    21 february 2019 20:55 808

    try youtuber nadeking

    22 february 2019 10:27 808

    Thanks for all replies. I want to clarify that I'm not the only one who is asking for help. I've created this thread to you share your experiences and tips, for other users who play CS:GO. Watching pro players are good, but if you have any tip or experience from yourself please share that.

    22 february 2019 10:29 808

    Watch Nadeking he has some good videos

    22 february 2019 12:12 808

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