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    cs go low fps problem

    Setting optimization for cs go

    19 february 2019 00:00 1628

    Here is some optimization for CSGO!
    Go to setting in your PC and check which graphic card you are using! Or open task-manager

    19 february 2019 01:36 1628

    -then If you use NOVIDA graphic card you need to set your game to high performance in the setting! If you are using ADM graphic card, open your ADM graphic card setting on the desktop and click on setting after that click on CSGO game which will appear when you run it, if it does not click on add and it will give you to place the location of the app that you want to change graphic! (Novida and AMD graphics card)
    If you use Intel graphic the fps is a bit drop but it can run your game without overclocking. This graphic usually set on the computer automatic from the shop. You can open Intel and want to optimization, the thing below could help you!
    Open Intel graphic setting on desktop set your gameplay performance to high!
    This optimization could work on window 10, 8, 8.1.
    For window 7 there is another way to change it. But I'm sorry that couldn't help you because I'm not using window 7

    19 february 2019 01:51 1628

    Turning off vertical synchronization can greatly increase the fps you have

    19 february 2019 14:48 1628

    Thanks worked

    19 february 2019 16:54 1628

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