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    Review: The Godfather

    The Godfather is an open world action-adventure video game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts in 2006.

    Although Mario Puzo and Francis Coppola deserve every honor, the first for the book, the other for the movie, it’s interactive version is huge disappointment! Even more due to famous franchise. Electronic Arts has now further strengthened its reputation as the world's biggest publisher of licensed flops.

    Truth be told, it was to be expected. The images weren’t overly promising, video presentation was disappointing, and the publisher's record when dealing with licensed brands is notoriously lousy. Mindful of this, the marketing department for the interactive Godfather wrote dozens of press releases with high-flying promises about the dynamics and depth, atmosphere, open world, co-operation of original actors and even non-promotion of violence. This last statement is especially silly and comes from one of EA’s bosses who claimed that they’ll never make a criminal game similar to GTA. Lies. The Godfather is one of the most sadistic games out there. Unnecessary violence is at every turn and offers a lot of expressive possibilities with no excessive punishment. The authors came up with a whole set of approaches and deadly moves on how to persuade those who do not agree with us. All this choking, shooting in knees, smashing heads against the wall and breaking necks can (and will) be performed on innocent civilians, without anyone raising the alarm. The biggest problem is that we run out of bullets before we run out of pedestrians. In GTA and many similar games, you were quickly punished for general massacre; In The Godfather, the law is lazy, slow and ineffective.

    This behavior is not consistent with the content. You shouldn’t be playing a psychopath, but a member of a mafia family whose interests should not be subjected to meaningless murders. Nobody will bother you when you go into war with other families and single-handedly destroy all their rackets. So much for authenticity and atmosphere. Throughout the career, regardless of your mafia rank, you play a simple street hooligan who bothers store owners, runs from cops and shoots. You do the same thing even when you reach the highest rank “don”. And during the last mission, you have to destroy the homes of other clans, alone again! That’s like becoming a general in a war game and attacking enemy stronghold without any soldiers. And then the publisher dares to boast about the efforts invested in research of vehicles, clothes and uniforms of that time.

    Even though we play a new character, the story of the game follows the first movie with almost copied dialogues. So that means we take part in major events from the movie (we help deliver the horse's head into the bed of a director, witness the murder of Luca Brasi and the assassination of Don Vito, place the gun for Michael in the toilet, and finally take care of the enemies during the baptism scene). The problem, unfortunately, is that every mission plays out exactly the same. Usually it starts with finding a suitable vehicle and driving to another end of New York. Once you get there, you receive orders to drive to another end of the city. You finally reach a building where you have to shoot everyone. To some extent, the shooting part is actually quite fun, especially because of an aim system that allows you to shoot individual parts of a body, but it has limited use and you constantly get killed. The content of missions is really shallow, meaningless and boring.

    Developers should’ve taken some points from Mafia, a game that came out four years earlier and was more diverse and colorful. In addition to recurring locations, there are only four types of enemies in The Godfather; the only difference is the color of their clothes. You have blue, green, red and brown, which are also the colors of other crime families. Sometimes you feel like you’re shooting a bunch of clones.

    There are also optional missions, but they’re similar to main missions and play out on similar-looking locations. You see everything the game has to offer in first hour. But you have to do them because you earn money to buy better weapons and safe houses. And you have to do them because you need to control the entire city to finish the game. That means over one hundred missions of assassinations, driving, shooting, activities… You can also unlock short clips from the movie, but I’d rather watch it than play this till the end.

    16 february 2019 04:15 1625

    All spam has been reported. Enjoy your XP reduction.

    18 february 2019 22:59 1625

    pretty good game i like it graphic isnt best but game by it self seems good

    19 february 2019 00:16 1625

    Seems interesting

    19 february 2019 04:56 1625

    I liked this game when i only had the original xbox, it was a change from the other games i played

    19 february 2019 07:50 1625

    it is best open world game

    19 february 2019 08:03 1625

    the best and intreasting game in the world i also wannna try this game after reading this article

    19 february 2019 08:37 1625

    i think this game is good

    19 february 2019 10:11 1625

    wow its interesting

    19 february 2019 22:30 1625

    This game looks eerily similar to GTA or Mafia. Loved both of them nonetheless.

    20 february 2019 10:26 1625

    good game mate

    20 february 2019 12:06 1625

    Seems interesting

    20 february 2019 12:06 1625

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