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    Task Denied

    Can somebody tell me why my task keeps being rejected. Here is the screenshot: https://subefotos.com/ver/?ac2c1de73cf812ff96caf59ff02343aco.png

    9 february 2019 01:32 11

    I love this game

    10 february 2019 00:55 11

    I don't know why it should work.

    10 february 2019 01:05 11

    No idea why they reject tasks. Seems a bit of an obstacle course. Yours looks fine to me. I have sent mine in and is similar to yours except I have completed even more. I hope I do not get rejected too. They need to make their criteria more clear rather than constant rejections. I see many posters with constant rejections. It needs to be made easier ☹

    12 february 2019 20:23 11

    did you tried again?

    13 february 2019 11:22 11

    Oh and surprise surprise they have rejected mine. No idea why and why do they make it so difficult? They need to explain why rejected. This is my first completed task and it is very offputting. What do they want?

    13 february 2019 14:10 11

    Zinnox this may help. If you see my comment above I was rejected and was rather annoyed. As long as you only have one account and downloaded the game from this page as that is a must, do what I did as sorry but trying to resolve through Misty gets nowhere. I contacted them via the contact us at bottom of page and explained everything in the message box quoting what they said in email and giving my email address. Looking at your screenshot it looks like a full page screenshot. If it is which is a requirement then go via contact us and tell them this also explaining you just have one account. If not full page retake screenshot. To me it looks like you have completed. At least that way if not done correctly they can tell you why. The good news is I have now just been accepted and credited.

    13 february 2019 14:47 11

    Hello, there i no chance to complete task if ure "old player" of this game? About 5 000 battles?

    14 february 2019 07:45 11

    In my opionion bot (or something) checking only 20% notification, so if you are lucky you get your credits and if you wait longer than 30minutes you can be 100% sure they will reject it and you must wait 24hours for response.

    14 february 2019 14:06 11

    just try again

    14 february 2019 21:53 11

    3h later still not accepted cant belive this wasted couple hours of boredom at that game..

    14 february 2019 22:52 11

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