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    War Thunder

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Again corret task denied

    Why all the time they denied my 1 task. Screen is good i have new account from this site reflink, and wait always 24 hours to read same things. Why bots which checking task from warthunder have 24h delay time?

    7 february 2019 16:25 11

    For me it denied 3 times already, but I play with an earlier account, but with the same email and name...

    7 february 2019 17:16 11

    @Bolgyolo you must have new account from their reflink to get chance for task akcept.. but it's not always works and sometimes you can do nothing i'vn writing to Misty can help..

    7 february 2019 18:55 11

    This happens, send a screenshot again

    12 february 2019 13:35 11

    i did again and again nothing happened

    12 february 2019 15:22 11

    My friend has done this 8-10 times its not gonna work the gamehag mods have not accepted screenshots for quite a while. I suggest you find another website to get things by playing games since gamehag is basically broken.

    13 february 2019 03:42 11

    Same here, keep gettin rejected

    14 february 2019 17:21 11

    i made perfect screenshot https://imgur.com/a/O5UFH6C hope it gets accepted because i wasted a lot time on this one =l

    14 february 2019 19:06 11

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