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    Is this a fake app or smth?

    I just downloaded the game and I already got winning streak. I won in the last game but my streak didn't carry on. Also they just put out ads after you are done. Only fake apps have all these ads after each games.

    5 february 2019 17:43 2763

    Or they just need/want money

    8 february 2019 23:30 2763

    Just need want money

    21 march 2019 01:54 2763

    ***.. it's not a fake app, let's say you make an app for totally free, you need advertisements in your game so the people who own the game/app in the advertisements can pay you for advertising their game in ur game

    26 march 2019 14:06 2763

    how can this be a fake game if its a gaame? whaat?

    3 april 2019 15:01 2763

    I mean as in the way they put ads. Normally games don't just show ads. You have to click it to watch (to earn something), they don't just spam ads after every round. Mostly the fake apps does that.

    3 april 2019 17:22 2763

    I don't think it is a fake app. Some games that I played before had an ad after doing something like completing a level in that game.

    5 april 2019 09:46 2763

    I think its not fake app yea it have ads because he need from this money its not so wrong the game is awesome good worth it to wait 10sec

    7 april 2019 20:02 2763

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