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    Best nation for air battle?

    Which nation as the best jets/bombers?

    5 february 2019 04:36 11

    idk i just played USSR

    5 february 2019 05:15 11

    you can just afk while playing a battle and still get the win

    5 february 2019 05:15 11

    Definitely USSR

    5 february 2019 20:20 11

    I support Germany, or USSR because of their choppers.

    6 february 2019 22:44 11

    USSR is the best in this game. Also, Germany is pretty good.

    8 february 2019 21:58 11

    I think I made it difficult for myself by going for Japan

    9 february 2019 04:28 11

    All is good :) U must know what style of fight do you prefer. Japanese is very agil, good wep, but weak and not many shells - if u dogfight japan planes ure dead. USA is hit and run tactic, fast and heavy armored, but not agil. U must run from sky, shot them and run away. Russia and germany is something between, maybe russia is better in lower height, germeny upper.
    I love japanese, good planes, but if u meat good USA player ure dead, but russia is weak against them. My best plane i Raiden.

    14 february 2019 07:52 11


    14 february 2019 16:53 11

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