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    Is SAO an anime?

    Question is clear,if its an anime,is it worth wathcing?

    4 february 2019 16:44 494

    It starts out as Web Novel, published as Light Novel and adapted into anime and manga. The latest season is worth watching, though you might want to watch the previous 2 seasons to understand the relationship between the characters

    4 february 2019 17:06 494

    is it is an anime. Sword Art Online is the full name. IT was my first romance anime that i have watched back in days. Its inspired me to watch more animes. I have watch more then 250 anime since then. And it is still one of my best anime.
    So it is really worth watching. NB i like s1 and s2 though s3 is Airing.

    4 february 2019 17:13 494

    Yeah its a anime but they have lot of games both are worth to watch and play it :D

    7 april 2019 23:34 494

    That is a question I always held to myself!

    10 april 2019 23:37 494

    i strongly advise you to watch it because it is a very nice anime where there is romance and action

    10 may 2019 03:40 494

    yeah very good anime

    22 may 2019 12:27 494

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