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    Gamehag Runes

    If its any consolation I accidentally bought a Fehu Rune for 150!!

    10 february 2019 05:49 1628

    are all of the runes useful ?

    10 february 2019 06:45 1628

    @ayon1234 It depends on your actual needs....they are basically a temp boost giver....there's one for articles which last for a week I think, there's one for games but that only lasts 24 hours, one for daily log ins which also last a week etc. I usually go to ask Misty and where they have got their ready made questions and answers prepared I click thorugh to ask about runes and it lists them, click on which one you want to find out about and it will tell you about it.

    15 february 2019 02:50 1628

    I don't know what these runes really do.

    15 february 2019 05:50 1628

    I can sell those

    15 february 2019 06:25 1628

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