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    So I am trying to withdraw an AK-47 frontside misty. When I ordered it, there was a 31 day wait. Now, the cost has increased, the wait time has decreased to less than 24 hours, and I have been waiting for 3 days since. Am I going to get this reward or what?

    3 february 2019 04:23 1628

    I think just give it more time, or contact to Discord supporters.

    3 february 2019 13:04 1628

    Be a bit patient

    3 february 2019 13:12 1628

    It depends really. Just luck.

    3 february 2019 13:27 1628

    i ordered my ak-47 elite build skin and i waited for about 2 weeks, and it arrived, but when the notification said that it is now in my steam account, i was disappointed to see that it wasn't. I contacted support about it and how disappointed i was, but after that day, it actually REALLY arrived, you just needed to wait for it to enter trade offer, so i said sorry to gamehag for doubting. i hope that answers your question

    3 february 2019 17:58 1628

    Ok thanks guys. It's been 10 days total

    3 february 2019 19:36 1628

    It's okay just be patient

    4 february 2019 00:23 1628

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