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    New to Roblox

    Hi, I'm pretty new to Roblox since I always heard about this game and decided to try. I have only played like a few server but didn't felt the fun in it. I remember doing the mcdonald's restaurant and completed and that's all. Nothing else to do. Let me know why do you think it's a fun game? So maybe I can also enjoy the game as others.

    2 february 2019 21:07 2173

    Roblox has lots of unfun popular games but I have found this one game called "phantom forces", it's basically battlefield in Roblox and it is really fun, Check it out!

    3 february 2019 16:16 2173

    Ok, I will check it out when im free

    3 february 2019 21:28 2173

    Play mining sim its asweome robloxs give many choices of games and you can play with friends

    3 february 2019 22:48 2173

    yes mining sim is a good game

    3 february 2019 22:53 2173

    I can now to say a list of good games in my opinion in roblox like : treasure hunt simulator , Build a boat, vechicle simulator, phantom forces, lucky block, mining simulator, island royal, CB:RO, speed run 4.

    3 february 2019 23:22 2173

    thanks guys, I will check it out!

    4 february 2019 09:30 2173

    play in jailbreak

    2 october 2019 11:26 2173

    There's many great games in Roblox and you should probably try them out!

    2 october 2019 12:30 2173

    Me, personally I usually I just play the fps games like Phantom Forces and Aresenal. But I also like the horror games it has to offer if you're into that type of stuff. One of my favorites is Stop it Slender.

    2 october 2019 12:46 2173

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