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    LEVEL 3?! WAT?!

    When you find out you have earned enough gems for Fallout 3 but then they tell you, you need to be level 3 to get it. FML, why waste my time? Therefore I am here writing useless threads and wasting everyone's time. :') Bet most of you come here to increase your exp too. I think this is just too lame and pointless.

    2 february 2019 09:48 1628

    Please do not spam, You'll get banned if you do! also, how are you wasting your time? is it hard to just come back every day and comment on a thread or you are just that lazy?

    2 february 2019 11:18 1628

    Hey hey stop, probably he just said that when you reach your desired amount of gems for your reward, that you are kinda late notified that you need level 3. I felt the same way, frustrated.

    2 february 2019 11:42 1628

    Yeah, also knowing that you have to be level 6 to send gems.

    2 february 2019 12:06 1628

    While it is true that you're told about the level 3 requirement only upon trying to buy something from the shop, you don't have to write useless threads. Just visit the forum as you visit gamehag, see if there's any conversation you can contribute to in a constructive manner. You'll get there in 2 or 3 weeks.

    2 february 2019 12:13 1628

    It's not like what you said. You will get some free paid game in a month. That what you complaining? Just spend your time on command and you will be easy to get to level 3 in a week.

    2 february 2019 13:59 1628

    Nothing is free, they have ads. That's how they earned the money to give you rewards. They should have it written before you have the amount of gems to get the game. They gave you a last minute notice after you get the amount which is very troublesome.

    2 february 2019 20:40 1628

    Buddy, be patient! I get your frustration but you'll get to that level sooner than you think as long as you make at least 2 comments on a thread daily. also, you know why they call these games free? It's because ***you*** don't have to pay for them.
    Remember: There is a limit to the XP you can earn each day (probably 5XP every day) so only make 5 replies daily so you don't waste your time.

    2 february 2019 22:40 1628

    Part of the problem with leveling up on here from just forum post is;
    It takes a long time as you need to beable to post comments that won't be seen as spam.
    If your like me you send in bug reports instead of posting it as a forum thread, like it taking 8 days to get a weekly reward because of server reporting you collecting a daily reward for two different days as the same day.

    3 february 2019 00:00 1628

    i can get into lvl 3 by just commenting on forums... be patient

    3 february 2019 06:50 1628

    yeah i when i just saw it i said 'why no one told me about that'

    3 february 2019 11:25 1628

    You'll get there! have faith. I believe in your ability to get the requied level to receive Fallout 3 as a prize!

    3 february 2019 11:27 1628

    dude level 3 is easy. don't give up now.

    3 february 2019 16:08 1628

    best thing that i have a lot of time to spend so no worry

    4 february 2019 11:39 1628

    i need to get to lv 5 and i just dodnt see how i can do it

    4 february 2019 18:49 1628

    i only get 1 xp per post and even not for all of them and sometimes they reduce my xp

    4 february 2019 18:50 1628

    @mikaze, you lose xp for spamming, that includes commenting, I need to get to level 5 everywhere

    4 february 2019 19:42 1628

    I feel bad for people who wanna level up to 5 and only get 1xp per post. That's just sad.

    4 february 2019 20:56 1628

    I got stuck in the level2, I can not get Walt, please help me

    4 february 2019 22:34 1628

    actually, it takes very long times to get level 3, about 7 months for me

    5 february 2019 04:46 1628

    Took me about 2 weeks to get to level 3. As long as you contribute to a topic meaningfully, and try to post 5 comments daily, you will get there as well

    5 february 2019 16:43 1628

    This isn't that much hard to gain xp and level up.

    5 february 2019 17:04 1628

    is it safe to talk here ?

    5 february 2019 17:11 1628

    Getting lvl 3 is easy just post some comments

    5 february 2019 17:52 1628

    I kinda agree but it didnt take me long

    5 february 2019 22:39 1628

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