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    Should i open steam chest or another?

    Steam chest looks good, should i open?

    29 january 2019 20:55 1628

    Well.. It is a free chest after all. If you complete the requirements, then it's all yours

    29 january 2019 21:36 1628

    Steam Chest cost 850 SG.

    29 january 2019 21:44 1628

    you must open.

    29 january 2019 23:35 1628

    Do keep in mind that while it does have good rewards, it remains a chest. The reward is decided at random upon opening the chest. You have no guarantee to obtain a good reward, as you may get one of the worst options in the chest. If you feel like gambling your SG away, feel free to give it a shot. Otherwise, keep saving up and buy what you actually want.

    30 january 2019 01:58 1628

    Yes it is worth

    30 january 2019 08:00 1628

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