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    Daily login trigger?

    What triggers the daily login? Sometimes it can happen just sitting on a page, some times I have to view a few pages before it happens.

    29 january 2019 03:07 1628

    I ask myself the same thing every day. It *does* get enabled exactly after midnight, however you need to keep a page open for a little while before you get the SG bonus. For some weird reason though, if you have several gamehag tabs opened in your browser, the daily bonus will be triggered on ALL of the tabs, at once, despite them being open at different times. 😕???

    29 january 2019 10:40 1628

    I never think it will be an issue.Always works fine

    29 january 2019 11:18 1628

    You need to open it a moment before you can get the daily SG.

    29 january 2019 14:51 1628

    Get a 7SG per a day if you active a rune that cost only 10SG per a week! Lol it our luck

    29 january 2019 14:52 1628

    @maitrevee After midnight for you is 6pm for me. Anyone know where the sever is located?

    29 january 2019 17:53 1628

    @Bigshaqtheone stop spamming, you are now reported and therefore will lose exp! Good Luck!

    29 january 2019 19:30 1628

    The site is originally Polish. The timezone is GMT +1. For me, the daily bonus activates at 5pm.
    I usually just open a tab and let it open for like 5 minutes

    29 january 2019 21:46 1628

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