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    Can someone explain why my article got rejected

    I mean I know it was not the best but could someone explain how I could improve it?

    29 january 2019 00:31 1628

    can you post it here and/or state the reason on why was it rejected?

    29 january 2019 02:18 1628

    Ok wait a sec.
    It says it was rejected by users so I just want feedback

    29 january 2019 08:49 1628

    Mount and Blade: Warband is the sequel to the action role-playing game Mount and Blade developed by Taleworlds entertainment

    Mount and Blade: Warband is an action role-playing game set on an open map where the story is for you to decide.
    The sequel to the original game, Warband has added multiple new diplomacy features, multiplayer mode, a new faction as well as the ability to form your own faction and unite Calradia yourself.

    Basic Background
    Since it's an open world role-playing game the way you will develop the story is based on what you do. However, the story is entirely based on how you want to play so there are no quests of the same level as other role-playing games such as the Fallout series or Skyrim. Set several hundred years after the fall of the Calradic Empire the six factions each based on some historical nation-state.
    The Kingdom of Nords (The Various Nordic kingdoms)
    Sarranid Sultanate (The Various Arab kingdoms)
    Kingdom of Rhodoks (Italian City-states)
    Kingdom of Swadia (France)
    Kingdom of Vaegirs (Russian Principality)
    Khergit Khanate (Mongol and Turkic steppe hordes)

    The open world
    Traversing the world of Calradia is what you are going to be doing most of the time. On the map, there are multiple settlements all with different purposes. In order of importance when it comes to the politics of the game there are the Towns, Castles, Villages, Hideouts for different bandit groups and training areas. In order to take villages, you have to take over a castle to do so. You will mostly be visiting the Towns as they include the market place, arena, and Tavern which are all usually important places. Most of the time in Towns you would be buying or selling stuff in the market place, doing tournaments or going to the tavern.

    The combat
    Considered one of the best aspects of the game, during the many battles you will fight in Warband you can command your troops and companions on the fly while fighting enemies

    29 january 2019 09:01 1628

    I'm afraid you will not be able to post your article in a common comment due to the character restriction. But this and personal opinions about your article aside, I suggest taking a look at this thread to know what could've made it rejected, if you haven't already. https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53130-how-to-get-your-article-accepted-from-a-moderators-point-of-view

    For instance:
    "Secondly, ensure that your article has GOOD QUALITY PICTURES.
    An article with minimal to no pictures, small, or blurry pictures is less likely to be accepted."

    29 january 2019 10:29 1628

    I've found another post from another moderator talking about articles, since yours was rejected by users, it may prove more useful. Good luck in your article writings. https://gamehag.com/forum/t/53125-how-to-get-your-article-accepted

    30 january 2019 01:32 1628

    Try again

    30 january 2019 08:01 1628

    Good luck in all your endeavors!! With respect!!!!

    30 january 2019 08:16 1628

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