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    Plagiarised Threads on Voting Section!

    Article name: How to get accepted offer in GameHag
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/pokedvanture

    Source: (partially, the rest are from Discord servers)

    28 july 2019 19:53 1628

    This article that unfortunately got through is actually plagiarised from this website's Spanish section.

    Article name: Super Mario Odyssey: A Capture Adventure
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/jhony12

    Source: https://gamehag.com/es/articulos/super-mario-odyssey-una-aventura-de-capturas

    14 august 2019 07:59 1628

    Article name: Modern Warfare 3
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/chute

    2 september 2019 12:27 1628

    Thanks for contributing, but you're supposed to link the original source of the article too

    9 september 2019 03:44 1628

    Name of the article: Players review Days Gone
    Send by: https://gamehag.com/profile/kingready78
    Source: https://gamehag.com/news/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3

    23 september 2019 20:11 1628

    Will look into these articles and users. Thank you.

    18 november 2019 07:23 1628

    I{m sorry, but it looks an AWFUL lot like the wikipedia page. As I said, some lines are even identical, and it's even in the same order as written in the page. I believe you wrote it, yeah; you just wrote almost the same thing, and that counts as plagiarism

    18 november 2019 11:55 1628

    Okey bro its fre post

    19 november 2019 14:11 1628

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