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    Plagiarised Threads on Voting Section!

    Article name: War Thunder Game Modes
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/vks_nsvarb

    Source: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/War_Thunder

    2 june 2019 11:50 1628

    Article name: Lineage 2 Classic brings back old-time MMOing
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/carrymeh

    Source: https://www.pcgamer.com/lineage-2-classic-brings-back-old-time-mmoing-in-october/

    2 june 2019 23:49 1628

    Sorry for my comment in this section but I can not find any topics which involved @kabash in it and has not locked yet. Dear @kabash please accept my friend request, I sent it some days ago but you have not checked it yet, I have some questions about article to ask from you; thanks.

    4 june 2019 20:29 1628

    Article name: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (2019)
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/smooferic

    Source: https://www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/28/counter-strike-global-offensive-review

    7 june 2019 01:51 1628

    Article name: https://gamehag.com/profile/zwerdyx
    Submitted by: Minecraft The End

    Source: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/world-end/

    10 june 2019 18:38 1628

    Article name: CSR overview
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/bob1232

    Source: http://n4g.com/news/1928149/pocketgamer-csr-racing-2-review

    10 june 2019 18:43 1628

    Article name: Rust
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/tyler_wilson

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rust_(video_game)

    I guess Im kinda back? Idk, i've been checking from time to time around here

    11 june 2019 01:05 1628

    More plagiarized articles posted by FarrelwiZ, all taken from Indonesian sites:

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-10-review---game-flaky-however-addictive
    Source: https://gamebrott.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-1-0-review-game-tak-stabil-namun-adiktif

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/why-game-developers-often-gratiskan-they
    Source: https://gamebrott.com/mengapa-developer-sering-gratiskan-game-mereka

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/how-to-become-a-standard-buttons-wasd-on-a-pc-gaming
    Source: https://gamebrott.com/bagaimana-wasd-menjadi-tombol-standar-pada-pc-gaming

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/what-is-the-number-game-already-released-steam-in-the-year-2017
    Source: https://gamebrott.com/berapakah-jumlah-game-yang-sudah-dirilis-steam-pada-tahun-2017

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/11-biggest-gaming-controversy-in-2017
    Source: https://gamebrott.com/11-kontroversi-gaming-terbesar-di-2017

    One of them even has obvious non-English word so I don't even understand why they all made it through in the first place. Also, I'm requesting this person's articles to be checked even if they don't look like to be active.

    13 june 2019 08:19 1628

    it is not a surprised news anymore, people should be awarded for reporting it

    13 june 2019 09:02 1628

    Article name: Best website to earn free skins: Gamehag!!!
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/moonzyx

    Source: https://us.royalquest.com/about/

    13 june 2019 22:57 1628

    Article name: CS:GO Spray Patterns
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/the_worst_joke

    Source: https://www.tobyscs.com/csgo-spray-control/

    14 june 2019 12:35 1628

    I found another person with the same method of plagiarism that made a few articles published:

    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/faishal

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/the-advantages-of-intel-processors
    Source 1: https://httplukeyonkou.blogspot.com/2018/04/pengertiansejarahkelebihan-dan.html
    Source 2: https://www.academia.edu/38142977/AMD_atau_Intel

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/resident-evil-7-review---a-sadistic-and-stressful-horror-survival-game
    Source: https://www.duniaku.net/2017/01/28/review-resident-evil-7/

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-rival-dota-2-as-the-most-popular-game-in-steam
    Source: https://dailysocial.id/post/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-tundukkan-dota-2-sebagai-game-terpopuler-di-steam

    14 june 2019 17:46 1628

    Article name: Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 The Good and The Bad
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/jankela

    Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/games/2018/10/30/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-review-the-good-the-bad-and-the-blackout/#26b9189c6c81

    24 june 2019 08:28 1628

    Article name: About World of Warships
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/hopelessguy

    Source: https://www.ems1.com/sponsored-article/articles/126278048-World-of-Warships-Wargaming-weighs-anchor-with-this-action-packed-combat-game/

    24 june 2019 10:16 1628

    Article name: DOTA 2 REVIEW
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/iiehsanii


    24 june 2019 12:10 1628

    Stop rejecting my article, It was placed on the forum because there was some little mistake in my text.

    24 june 2019 13:10 1628

    Article name: Undertale, The Indie Game of 2015
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/bingbongben

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undertale

    25 june 2019 00:42 1628

    Article name: League of legends
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/alkaloid420


    1 july 2019 00:22 1628

    Article name: heloo ....
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/ahmed_rakhrour

    Source: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/98605-top-5-games-that-used-to-be-popular

    4 july 2019 17:45 1628

    Did you just create that account just to report it? how old are you kid?
    As I've said this article meant to be on the main page because of some simple grammar mistakes it was placed on the forum, after I've edited the article and also updated it, with permission of moderators I repost it and got accepted.
    Stop hurting this community because you can't write anything and others can.

    13 july 2019 20:01 1628

    First, my articles don't get accepted that easily you think, they some times get rejected 2 or 3 times. by moderators or users for spelling errors and some times for not using a capital letter on one subject.
    Second, there is no secret trick here, I just ask the moderators to not post my article on the forum just reject it, and even if they don't find it amusing just tell me and I won't repost it.

    From my point of view, moderators are so good and helpful if you ask them gently, don't talk to them like they did the wrong action because it is your article that is not perfect.

    They have the right to reject your article or place it on the forum and also you have the right to share your ideas with them. if you want them not to place your articles on the forum just tell them, they are nice people they will understand and help you.

    More importantly, stop accusing me of knowing things and etc. you are not helping the community, you are just trying to ruin it.

    I am not trying to deceive you or playing good guy here, I am just saying that you are thinking in a wrong way mate.

    13 july 2019 21:25 1628

    First wanna ask you a question.
    what is that mean? "the way you write articles and forum posts are different ..." what do you mean my posts are different? do you mean the colors or the bold or title texts I am using?
    Also, you are talking like the someone (probably moderators you mean) send me the articles and then I post them and then they accept it easily?
    Also, you are free to report me, if you have some reasons. I am not in a place to stop you, no one is.

    14 july 2019 12:26 1628

    I just came back from a break and I have known/seen our Yazdan for a long time. I can confirm he doesn't cheat. Also: if he would get banned, you won't get anything from it. Even worse, you'll probably just miss him in the forum.

    Also: do you have solid proof he is cheating and that he is corrupted? We would like to see it ourselves...

    15 july 2019 10:51 1628

    On another note, thanks to everyone that has maintained this thread spam-free, I really appreciate that

    16 july 2019 08:11 1628

    Article name: What To Know
    Submitted by: https://gamehag.com/profile/master_roshi


    28 july 2019 19:15 1628

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