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    why is the tennos suit also its skin????

    this really just filler but can anybody answer plz help?

    25 january 2019 16:26 2154

    Is not like a skin at all...

    The tennos wear suits called warframes (holy sh**, game title) that enhances their abilities, think of it as an exoskeleton.

    Or at the very least that's what the wiki tells me it's like idk if they lyin or not.

    2 october 2019 11:08 2154

    ou should read the story and history of the game in Warframe wiki if you are interested in it.

    2 october 2019 14:37 2154

    Uhhhhh idk man

    19 october 2019 11:54 2154

    what about on in game lore plus quests?

    23 october 2019 01:33 2154

    The lore inside the game is much more expansive than people who see it from the outside would understand, it would make more sense if you continued on with all the quests to get deeper into the lore.

    23 october 2019 21:53 2154

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