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    Repeatedly Rejected

    Why is this game so hard to accepted? I have done multiple screenshots, trying different methods and nothing seems to work. Every other game I have played gets accepted right away, just this one will not do it

    20 january 2019 18:16 2176

    i have ther same problem
    I went to my account and i screened my battles and i have 18 of them completed and it wont accept it

    20 january 2019 20:01 2176

    Have you tried to contact misty? send her a ticket and describe your problem, they will surely help you, i had the same problem i got rejected more then 5 or 6 times but i got accepted eventualy, hope they'll fix your problem very soon! :)

    21 january 2019 17:05 2176

    there's always difficulties with war thunder and crossout. ask misty to accept

    22 january 2019 11:43 2176

    I finally completed the 3 tasks, took me 2 days to complete them and around 2-3 weeks to get them accepted. You need to be very annoying to "Misty" in order to do it.

    23 january 2019 14:23 2176

    Same problem here, don't know what they want

    25 january 2019 08:28 2176

    same problem here too,its weird

    17 february 2019 13:39 2176

    Me too, i have problem in AdBlock, stop it on this page. If is ON, your task will be surely rejected.

    20 february 2019 00:21 2176

    Me too it keeps on getting rejected so annoying :(

    21 february 2019 02:53 2176

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