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    Buying games on game hag

    Is it useful?profitable?

    18 january 2019 13:43 1628

    useful? that's your own thing. Profitable? that's something else.
    You see, it actually depends on the price of the game in SG vs Real money
    If the game key costs less than getting any other form of real money (like Visa cards, for example), then IT IS better to get a key.
    You can check out this article, it's really useful! https://gamehag.com/news/the-most-efficient-way-to-spend-your-soul-gems

    18 january 2019 13:47 1628

    I dont know about it, I mostly buy games from steam.

    25 january 2019 10:47 1628

    Get your game with steam gift card is better

    25 january 2019 13:42 1628

    I think gift cards are the way to go imo

    25 january 2019 18:42 1628

    They're free if you have a lot of soulgems.

    26 january 2019 00:22 1628

    the most games on store were free i guess... so go for gift card

    26 january 2019 16:26 1628

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