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    Problem fixed. UNLINK STEAM ACCOUNT

    Good day! I brought a new tip. my problem was fixed regarding unlinking your steam account from your old gamehag account.

    I first contacted support to delete my old gamehag account and waited a few days for a reply and they did.

    They deleted my old gamehag account and I contacted them again to unlink my steam account from the deleted old gamehag account and i waited a few days for their reply and they also did.

    You will need to follow the instructions they will give to you.

    They unlinked my account from the deleted old gamehag account in order for me to link my steam account to my current gamehag account.

    I hope this will help those who has the problem! Cheers!

    P.S sorry for my bad english

    17 january 2019 23:38 1628

    You need to contact support for that @Visty, I don't know how they did it but my steam account automatically connected to my current gamehag account after I asked for their help.

    They asked for my STEAM ID and i gave it to them and they fixed the problem.

    17 january 2019 23:45 1628

    I had the very same issue and this forum was extremely helpful for me to be able to continue earning games for the PC and my other consoles. Thanks you very much @||Galahad||

    18 january 2019 04:23 1628

    No problem! Happy to help!

    18 january 2019 09:27 1628

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