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    How do you get the Redactor title?

    I was wondering, since I was looking at the tops and I found the user title "Redactor" (just like a youtuber or a moderator). Some of the users with the title don't even have any article published on the site, but some do.
    If anybody knows around here, would you kindly explain?

    17 january 2019 08:44 1628

    My guess is that anyone can publish an article, and the redactors do the "final check" before the publication. Moderators are those who take care of keeping the forums and articles clean of spammers and other nonsense. Youtuber batch do you probably get when you are a YouTube with more than something like 50k-100k subs.

    17 january 2019 08:50 1628

    I mean, I've heard that the mods are the ones that accept and publish the articles, so dunno about that 🤔

    17 january 2019 18:17 1628

    a user called "misteerblack" has a redactor badge and you can see in the "latest activity" The dude's been writing lots of articles. Maybe it's a badge for people who write articles two times a week? who knows.

    17 january 2019 20:06 1628

    I don't think so. I checked on the leaderboards and there's people with the Title that have no articles whatsoever. Maybe they do, but in another portal (another language)? idk.

    17 january 2019 22:50 1628

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