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    Articles - needs improvement

    The "Write article" section needs some work. You don't actually see how the article is going to look like until you send it, but then it's already too late to change the content or to fix mistakes. Also, the pictures sometimes just don't want to upload or don't show up in the article. I've had problems with my latest, so I just gave up and sent it with no structure and two random pictures that I managed to upload.

    15 january 2019 18:15 1628

    I made my first review, check it (: I think the system need a update, really hard to get the pictures right and how to get the actually look untill it is sent... maybe a pre-look shopuld be added, before you can send it in (:

    15 january 2019 20:02 1628

    hope they fix it soon becasuse i wasnt to get into articvles once i reach level 2

    15 january 2019 22:06 1628

    I thought my article only sent the introduction so I resent it, Now I realised the first one had the content and there are two same articles waiting for review... so embarrassing..... I wish i can remove the second one.

    15 january 2019 22:32 1628

    I already write an article but it had put in the wrong name and there no one common on it. I want to delect it if i can

    16 january 2019 00:18 1628

    i wroten about 5 articles and all of them were refused :'(

    16 january 2019 13:02 1628

    Thanks for the warning, I'm writing an article now and that's really important to me.

    16 january 2019 13:10 1628

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