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    Can i gain some xp by voting article?

    14 january 2019 10:35 1628

    There should be a notification or something similar for the number of articles you voted correctly. Nonetheless, it's a bit unfair to not get paid even though you have examined so many articles....

    14 january 2019 15:44 1628

    My experiences are that if you make other decision then most of users you wont get nothing even you were right. Becouse almost everyone just read comments and then vote, no one actually read the article :D

    14 january 2019 17:54 1628

    you earn XP by commenting on articles, but there's a limit. just like the forums

    14 january 2019 21:07 1628

    @LirCZE, I do read them :P and I get my SGs even if I voted against the flow 😄

    14 january 2019 23:31 1628

    i vote everyday, got +50 yesterday :) for about 7 days just one day :D i think they should set prize for first one who comment the plagiarism link. FabulouSS would love this idea

    14 january 2019 23:46 1628

    Hey everyone

    14 january 2019 23:47 1628

    no you cannot

    15 january 2019 09:58 1628

    for those asking why you don't get a notification after correctly voting you might need to recheck that as you actually get notifications about it

    10 may 2020 19:06 1628

    @albedo69 No, you can't gain experience by voting articles.
    You can earn only some extra soul gems by voting them.

    10 may 2020 21:05 1628

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