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    How do I disable Gamehag from giving me notifications on desktop? It's getting really annoying because of the frequency of the notifications. Also I get the notifications while in game even tho i have settings that should stop it (thank you windows... )

    13 january 2019 18:01 1628

    Let's see what happens. My hopes arent that high because I got notified by answer to my thread even tho it has been unticked for a while...

    13 january 2019 19:11 1628

    you should be able to disable notifications from any website through your browser's settings. If you're using Chrome: chrome://settings/content/notifications

    14 january 2019 04:02 1628

    Ty for the help :)
    I think I got it fixed

    16 january 2019 21:22 1628

    hasn't worked for me. requires me to change my username first!

    8 april 2019 16:59 1628

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