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    rFactor is a computer racing simulator, developed and published by Image Space Incorporated in 2005.

    Most of the racing in rFactor is done by competing in career mode. As is customary, you begin in the smallest and weakest car, and then by skillfully turning the steering wheel you earn credits to purchase a major improvement or a bigger, stronger car. I’m missing some other options, or an interesting racing task or challenge. The only thing you do is push the pedal to the metal to earn enough for the most expensive car and to buy the most expensive improvements.

    You race in two racing series, with four road cars and two race cars - one for training and one real race car. The offer of vehicles is a disappointment, because not only is there so little to choose from, but also due to a lack of licenses; the cars’ names are all made up and pretty ugly to look at. Similar poverty prevails when it comes to race tracks. There are four of them, none of them based on real tracks, and four variants. However, it should be noted that they are beautifully constructed, diverse, graphically gorgeous and include all surrounding buildings and vehicle pits. Two are classic, one goes through the city streets, and the fourth one is oval. The authors succeeded in making a dynamic transition from day to night, which not only is pleasing to the eye, but also adds a new dimension to the driving. Even if you know the track by day, you’ll feel lost when you drive during the night or in rain.

    There’s also multiplayer. Driving against living opponents is enjoyable, always tense and exciting. Physics, as expected, are impeccable. Every single bump on the asphalt is felt, and you can save yourself from a hopeless slip of the vehicle because of the superb feedback on the steering wheel. In addition, due to the noise in the cabin, the wide angle of the camera and the extremely simulated vibrations, the speed is felt in all of its horror. It is true that the number of vehicles is modest, but each of them has a unique feel. Even the improvements are noticeable - there are a lot of them and range from cosmetic corrections to those that increase the power and torque of the engine, or improvements in chassis and aerodynamics. You can view all that in a replay viewer, where the race can be cut, copied and saved straight from the game.

    In addition to driving, the main element of rFactor is openness for all varieties of modifications. You can try out the Porsche Super Cup, Formula 3000, Japanese Nippon or Australian V8. If you’re tired of race cars, you can switch to trucks. There’s also rally, karts, prototypes, street… You can also download a huge number of additional racing tracks, but apart from some of them, they don’t achieve the quality of the original ones.

    On one hand, this free offer is great, as we can hope for even more enthusiastic mods and improvements, and the game will be alive for a long time. On the other hand, the basic offer is poor, the product is designed only for the enthusiastic racing community, and it seems that they spent too much time on graphics and too little on content.

    12 january 2019 11:15 1625

    did you just posted the same review twice in the forums?

    12 january 2019 19:52 1625

    it is not bad

    30 january 2019 00:17 1625

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