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    Deleting a Gamehag account.

    So, I have been a loyal member of gamehag but when I invited my wife to it, she used my gaming PC to do one of the games as hers lags. Misty has told me to delete one, but I don't know how to and what happens to my wifes etc

    10 january 2019 00:50 1628

    i think you should talk to the moderators and supports they will figure something for you confusional problem.
    posting here wont help you much, i think talking to them on discord is the best way ot solve this misunderstanding.
    they detected that two accounts are on one pc so they react naturally.

    11 january 2019 00:13 1628

    Thanks, appreciated.

    12 january 2019 16:58 1628

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