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    tips and tricks to chests on gamehag

    you have to look at it as a game of risk yes you can get good things from them at a cost that's lower than just buying the item off the store but you also have a risk of getting something that you don't want or need so if you have a particular item you want and aren't wanting to deal with the risk save up your gems and buy the item off gamehag store other than that let it roll and enjoy

    7 january 2019 19:57 1628

    Too risky too bother

    7 january 2019 20:48 1628

    well then buy your stuff from the store then your guaranteed what you want so long as you got the gems, I buy chests for cs go skins so to me its not a bad decision but for someone trying to get a AAA game your best bet will always be to save up gems and use the store rather than buy chests

    7 january 2019 21:15 1628

    Getting good stuff is possible, but the possibility is very small.

    8 january 2019 16:39 1628

    exactly you have to be willing to take the risk or it is just better to buy off gamehag store in rewards

    8 january 2019 20:16 1628

    rng for me is like playing a bingo...i will never win good stuff

    8 january 2019 23:30 1628

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