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    Looking for Silver Elite Master+ Csgo Team// Road to global

    Hi me and my friend is looking for a team in csgo. We both play very serious but we can of course joke around. If youre looking for a team to play and have fun with this is perfect for you. It doesnt matter if youre an Awper, Rifleman or else just hit me up! PS: Must have microphone Must be Silver Elite Master+

    6 january 2019 17:12 1627

    Hello, whats up?

    6 january 2019 17:22 1627

    i m gold nova master

    8 january 2019 20:26 1627

    Mens i being Global Distinguished Eagle join FAEZ KLEN grup

    11 january 2019 10:16 1627

    bro supe mega boss you

    15 january 2019 13:40 1627

    and you? like it too?

    24 november 2019 07:28 1627

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