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    i've seen a few bluestack tasks pop up in my tasks page, and after doing one of them and trying the second one i was meet with the "you haven't registered a new account", so my advice for people doing these tasks is to do one task at a time as these are accepted pretty fast, and after you have done a task, uninstall bluestacks and re-download using the gamehag link.(you might need 1-2 phones on hand as it will require mobile verification for every new account u make) hope this helps :3

    6 january 2019 13:18 1628

    My first task was rejected for that reason & even though I have screens of me being sent from GH to RIse of Civ support are still claiming"We did not get any information from the game system itself that you made a new account via our site!"
    I completed the task via GH, I want my gems.

    All of the bluestacks games have now been removed (at least on mine) - seems dodgy

    7 january 2019 20:22 1628

    @fluff2 same here, and got the same reply from gamehag support. all bluestacks games disappeared now.. probably for the best. I wasn't gonna waste any more time on their games anyway.

    8 january 2019 10:13 1628

    good to know

    8 january 2019 14:16 1628

    Those Bluestack rewards didn't last very long...to bad, they were easy to acomplish.☹

    8 january 2019 18:26 1628

    I had 3 bluestack game tasks pending and World War Rising pending and all were pulled and then all my tasks for them were rejected... Collosal waste of time.

    9 january 2019 00:01 1628

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