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    App zone question

    Do you get any more than a single soul gem per ad on app zone? Do you need to download the app to get more? And if so for how much time do you need to use it and how much does it reward you with? Gamehag is kinda vague about this in app zone tab and I'd like to know how it works.

    5 january 2019 00:05 1628

    You just can earn 1 gem/ 1 ad. You won't have to download app. Just watch ad. You can earn maximumly 100gems per day.

    5 january 2019 00:45 1628

    I've always gotten the 1SG from watching, but the "try again" part is really annoying. I've found that it's best to just wait like 1 hour or so before trying again, if you just keep spamming the watch icon it justs keeps telling you try again.

    5 january 2019 05:57 1628

    I have a question
    if I download app i will get more SG???

    5 january 2019 08:04 1628

    @EzioHatomi, that's exactly what the OP, Paladin209, is asking about.
    I tested it several times a month ago thought that's how it worked but never got SG for any of those apps, even though it says "For those apps you try, you will get soul gems".
    it kinda makes sense.. giving SG for installing would make them included in contracts!

    5 january 2019 10:34 1628

    Im getting SG from videos, but max around 50 per day

    5 january 2019 10:37 1628

    Be patient because app zone gives you only 100 gems but I think it is the easiest way to earm gem

    5 january 2019 15:46 1628

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