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    Article spam gets worse

    Today, I went through my daily article votes. Is it normal to see≈ 50 spam articles? I would recommend Gamehag to perform tests mainly if the article isn't already on Wikipedia... Also new is some "copy pasta html"

    4 january 2019 13:55 1628

    i prefer gamehag to put another button to report those articles with more options...and a blank box to type in an additional information as well...

    4 january 2019 20:09 1628

    It would be useful if there was a special report button where you put the source link, and the article was put down immediately.

    5 january 2019 03:17 1628

    Yeah that would be a perfect solution!
    Lets hope a moderator will see this

    5 january 2019 09:52 1628

    The person whose articles are reported as spam should get a temporary ban. Ban duration increasing the more spam articles the post. After a limit, a permanent ban should be issued.

    5 january 2019 13:01 1628

    Good suggestion. I'll bring this up to the Gamehag Team.

    6 january 2019 17:49 1628

    Its real annoying

    6 january 2019 18:03 1628

    Yea its pretty annoying,voting took me like 30 minutes just because of spams.

    6 january 2019 21:23 1628

    Same in my case, not even bonus gems for reporting spam...

    6 january 2019 21:24 1628

    Why are people spamming articles?

    6 january 2019 21:32 1628

    because people are too lazy to make their own legit article...greedy and lazy enough to plagiat from others to make easy soulgems...

    6 january 2019 21:47 1628

    From 9 articles I could review today I only reviewed 2. The rest we're plagiarised or outright spam. It's becoming absurd. We should be rewarded for filtering out what the system can't

    9 january 2019 08:12 1628

    I don't even understand the point of submitting spam articles....one was an article about McDonalds and the other was how they love mayonnaise over and over again. I mean are people really that bored?

    4 march 2019 18:06 1628

    Oh and to the person who has gone round and marked EVERY one of my comments as spam I hope they have taken your xp away for false reporting....so go ahead and press that exclaimation button.

    4 march 2019 18:29 1628

    spamming articles?

    4 march 2019 20:13 1628

    would it not fix the issue if people started accepting the articles? it would spam down the article section, but still we wouls get the rewards. Of course this is not a good solution, but this is starting to be a big "loss" of sg.

    5 march 2019 14:48 1628

    Because then this site will become something along the line of Yahoo, by which I mean ****. Then the admins close down that **** and every gems you have earned are now useless. Now you got me reminiscing about tremorgames and all those wasted coins...

    5 march 2019 16:16 1628

    Guess I found out whose been marking my comments as spam....Shouldn't be copying someone else's hard work in previous Gamehag articles. But not just one at least 4! Upset coz you got banned? Lol

    6 march 2019 03:02 1628

    Omg.. that's sad, :*

    14 january 2020 17:26 1628

    is good vey very

    15 january 2020 18:55 1628

    I think articles should be reviewed by a moderator first before you post one

    15 january 2020 21:48 1628

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