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    World War Rising

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach Power 50k within the game

    Quest Won't Be Accepted

    I have recently attempted this task, and I have completed it. Unfortunately, I have not received my gems due to some fault in the system or something. I got the response that I did not create a new account even though I was sure that I created a new account using the link provided. I believe part of the confusion came from my hero having a different name from my character, so they could not find my account. (Account name= SwegPoo | Hero name= Sweg Junior) I tried opening tickets on this subject, but without the ability to respond to most tickets due to the support always closing them as soon as they answer, I have not been able to get credit for completing the task. If someone else could look into this here, where I could actually respond, it would be helpful. If you need more information, I will gladly provide it.

    3 january 2019 04:55 3346

    same happened to me.
    i also wasnt registered with an MW account which is hidden in the settings and it says the only feature this provides is Access to the account across devices. so now im registered and waiting but it wont let me submit an image again

    3 january 2019 07:20 3346

    This task was not given to us clearly. First, they never said what you had to get to level 11. Second, they never said anything about the hero needing to have the same name as your account (The main issue for me). Third, there is apparently a possibility that we have to make an account even though we were only told to play the game.

    3 january 2019 13:17 3346

    My task has still not been accepted. Misty is still telling me to create a new account, even though I used a new account for the task. What am I supposed to do?

    6 january 2019 21:10 3346

    Also, I do not plan to do this task again. I did it once following all the directions I was given by the moderators and Misty, but you guys are too stubborn to help me.

    6 january 2019 21:11 3346

    I also got burned on this game and a few other ones i think this whole site is fake cuz i dont get none of my points off the app or the web site

    3 april 2019 03:22 3346

    It isn't a fake site. They did eventually accept my quest after I simply gathered enough proof for them. If you have enough proof and send it in a ticket, they will gladly help you. I also believe the system issues have been mostly removed since I had this problem.

    4 april 2019 00:33 3346

    I think you might have to send in a ticket to Misty

    18 may 2019 12:41 3346

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