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    With the New Year here the English Moderation team wants to make sure that any suggestions are passed on to the gamehag development team. If you have any suggestions for making gamehag better here is your chance to get the word out!

    2 january 2019 01:40 1628

    hello @Vaaren
    could you please merge this thread post (https://gamehag.com/forum/t/58185-site-suggestionsg-soulgem-notification-list) , or lock the thread and ask people to post suggestions here instead...

    2 january 2019 18:35 1628

    @Bonzer1stClass That thread is a singular suggestion. It is not a general suggestion thread.

    @sosich1 I don't know the chest odds but I assume they are horrible. They probably don't want to release the odds because then no one will buy chests. And if no one buys chests that cuts into their profits. If you want to make good use of your SG don't bother with chests

    @ronald_van_- same

    3 january 2019 05:56 1628

    Hello again @Vaaren,
    thanks for the reply...im sorry,i was asking you if you could merge or lock the thread since it doesn't matter if it is a singular suggestion thread or not because it still provide the same mutual purpose and subject so you can ask people to post all kind of suggestions on one thread instead of making new one...

    Plus i would like to suggest a new sticky threads for rules and guidelines , FAQs , suggestions and also include these sticky threads in tutorial as well...thank you for reading😁

    3 january 2019 18:48 1628

    Hi can you add more instructions or pinned topics about using this site?

    3 january 2019 22:26 1628

    I actually have a suggestion for the next "event" Chest. It would be nice to see the actual remaining SG to collect rather than the total SG. I already got 2/3 Winter chests and still have to get the New Year one, but idk how much I've collected for them, if I'm close or not to get them.
    An expiration date would be lovely too.

    Apart from that, i don't know what else currently but if I stumble into something, I'll let you know

    4 january 2019 04:51 1628

    I want to allow a miner sort of thing like you can leave your computer on and you'll get soul gems, or watch ads and get soul gems.

    4 january 2019 07:17 1628

    Idea: Let articles get checked whether they are already on Wikipedia or other sources automaticly, so while voting articles you wont see too much spam

    4 january 2019 17:55 1628

    please add minutestaff offerwall...it gives a little reward but the offers are consistently available on every hour...

    4 january 2019 20:27 1628

    Add an option to sell ruins you get from chests also an option to sell game codes or other stuff you get from a chest upon opening

    5 january 2019 00:09 1628

    I wanted to point out the odd fact that I often can't use my phone to play a game that's meant for Android, but I have to install Bluestacks on my computer in order to get to play it. What's up with that? I don't want to have Bluestacks again, it makes my computer cry in agony. I've never seen it run so slow before Bluestacks. It'd be at least great to have the option to search for games by device. Not sure if I'm bat-blind, but I'm not seeing it anywhere.

    5 january 2019 12:39 1628

    we dont need comment section on game task pages since we already have game discussion subforum...people love to spam there...

    5 january 2019 21:06 1628

    Hey @Vaaren

    I'd like to be able to see the 2nd and 3rd tasks for games (I don't mean I want them unlocked before the 1st task is accepted)

    e.g. I'm currently waiting on my 1st task of Rise of Civ to be accecpted, but instead of being able to work towards the next task I have to wait for it to be accepeted just to see what the next one is... It's a lot of waiting around.


    I also agree with Paladin209 (I'd rather a low amount of gems than a rune i'm not going to use) & ranzacado suggestions.

    6 january 2019 01:44 1628

    i have another suggestion...how about make a rule/restriction for users who want to post on forum need to earned at least certain amount of soulgems to be eligible to do so...or need to have an unlimited steam account on certain level to be able to use the forum.

    7 january 2019 23:35 1628

    please add button to wishlist reward item and put notification for wishlisted item for deals...

    10 january 2019 16:41 1628

    Hey @Vaaren
    I have a suggestion for appzone so I see the advertisment and when it is done we should close it and then tap on the buttom again for some reasons I got errors over and over and it's boring, why not playing all together, just by placing the button "NEXT "and the next one appear?

    11 january 2019 23:05 1628

    Hey, @Vaaren
    I think there should be a trading system in this, in which you could sell runes to other players for soul gems. In this system, you should be able to see the effects of the runes you are trading for, by hovering the mouse over it so you don't get scammed.


    18 january 2019 05:20 1628

    Becuse is cool

    18 january 2019 08:58 1628

    I'm from a 3rd world country and there is little to no offers for me so the only thing I can do is watching videos, it would be cool if there wasnt any limitation for it, cuz im spending time and data on it.. :)

    21 september 2019 09:11 1628

    Being able to cancel a screenshot proof we sent, sometimes if you sent a wrong screenshot.

    2 january 2020 05:38 1628

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