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    Amumu + Ultimate Nunu (Fiddlestick) Amumu's ultimate, which is extremely powerful thanks to its wide area control, will now be extremely annoying when combined with Nunu's (or Fiddlestick) ultimate to deal great damage. Yasuo + Ultimate Malphite Without a doubt, this is one of the strongest ultimate duos in League of Legends. Yasuo, while holding Malphite's ultimate: Unstoppable, knocks up enemies then uses Last Suffering to finish them off. Kennen + Ultimate Nocturne Kennen using his ultimate then combined with Nocturne's Paranoia will be able to rush into the middle of the enemy team and deal extremely strong damage + wide area stun. Tryndamere + Olaf Ultimate (or vice versa) Tryndamere, who already has the skill Reject Death, will now combine with Ragnarok Apocalypse to create a true "monster", immortal and immune to control, rushing into the enemy's ranks without fear. Yumi + Ultimate Malzahar Yumi is a very good champion in this new mode with the ability to sneak into teammates. This cat can combine with a lot of time-based ultimate moves like Malzahar, Nunu, Katarina... without fear of being interrupted. Mundo + Cho'gath Mundo, which is already an extremely strong and resilient general, now combined with Cho'gath's ultimate to increase health and size, gamers will witness a "Super Mundo". Skarner + Ultimate Zoe It's very simple, jump with Zoe's ult then use Skarner's ultimate to capture an enemy for the team to deal with. Yone, Zoe, Ekko + Ultimate Skarner Similar to the combo above, fly up using the ultimate Skarner to capture the enemy and then fly back. Khazix + Ultimate Mordekaiser Kha'zix, which is extremely strong in solo stages because of its scary passive when attacking enemies standing alone, now combined with Mordekaiser's ultimate will be extremely "cool". Confine enemies to the barrier then freely "mortal" them. Yasuo + Ultimate Yone 2 brothers Yasuo and Yone will truly become one with this new game mode. The simplest combo is to use Yone's R then use Yasuo's R to send the enemy to the board. Fiddle Stick, Morgana, Nunu + Ultimate Thresh This combo will use generals with the ultimate to deal extensive damage such as Nunu, Fiddle Stick, Morgana ... combined with Thresh's ultimate to trap enemies in magical walls and receive huge damage. .

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