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    Steam Autum Sale is Live guys!

    The steam autum sale is now live.
    You can go Vote for you're favorite game, and get 100xp=1 steam level by completing all the task they have, and ofc great deals on some games to. i Picked up Postal2 for 99cents :P
    Every Valve game looks to be under 2euros, halflife series is like 1,40€ so go check and see!
    Valve Complete Pack is -55*% basicly you are paying for 1 game.. includes all games from valve!

    21 november 2018 21:08 1628

    So you have To pay to get games??

    21 november 2018 21:30 1628

    Yea..almost all of the games are discounted..a good time to get games..hehe

    21 november 2018 21:45 1628

    Thanks for info.

    22 november 2018 04:23 1628

    I would still wait for big Chistmas sale/Winter sale, probably has mini gams and other things which helps in profile level up and badge crafting

    22 november 2018 09:02 1628

    helo sorry for late reply, yes ofc you have to pay for games hagyou, thanks to gamehag i have steamwallet to use and buy what i want, so basicly it is free :) Yeah they usually have better deals on winter, and you get trading cards when you vote, i have bought alot of smaller games just by selling those tradingcards, really nice when you get Foilcards that you can sell for basicly 1euro each :)

    23 november 2018 14:58 1628

    don't beg, work for it.

    23 november 2018 15:21 1628

    Hello Any Albanian?

    23 november 2018 16:08 1628

    Oh bless, thanks for posting about this! I need to get my hands on some new games then.

    23 november 2018 17:08 1628

    yep no problems, it ends 27th so you still have plenty of time :)

    23 november 2018 17:35 1628

    So Great....

    23 november 2018 17:45 1628

    very useful info. Thank.

    23 november 2018 19:34 1628

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