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    Article Rejected reason: spam

    If a properly written article is rejected with spam as the informed reason, is the cause:

    1. It was downvoted by users

    2. Disturbances in the system caused the website to consider the article spam and treat it as such

    Note that I'm referring to a scenario, where the system does NOT confirm that the article was specifically rejected by a moderator, which is why I'm not considering that as a possibility in this particular case. If anyone knows more, feel free to reply to this thread. In particular, In particular, I hope that this will come to the attention of a moderator.

    No spamming or ranting -those I will report personally.

    16 november 2018 09:46 1628

    I can't say for sure heres what I'd think
    I've seen before that an article was "rejected by users"
    I would assume for the reason to become "spam" would be that there is an overwhelming among of negative votes.

    My assumption would be that rejected by users means that the upvote to downvote ratio was bad

    The spam reason would only be visible if something had an abysmal upvote to downvote ratio.

    It is possible that your second reason can result in spam reports.
    The system only checks for profanity after voters look at it. Perhaps the system recognizes key phrases in articles that catgeorize it in spam.
    I noticed if I put the word **** in my articles even once it would get rejected for profanity. But the second I removed the word **** the article would get accepted.
    Perhaps there are phrases found in articles that set off the system and label it as spam.
    Maybe if you have a certain amount of words that are mispelled it can be seen as gibberish and labeled as spam.

    I could ask the Gamehag team but I think if they revealed their exact criteria for getting past their spam detector it would be prone to abuse.

    17 november 2018 02:47 1628

    It would definitely be abused because even now, many users spam with posting 5-10 articles in one day and it should be limited to max 2-3!

    17 november 2018 17:36 1628

    Well..my article was rejected because i was trying to use HTML coding in my text to make it easier to approve by the moderator. It did not occur to me whether or not the coding actually works until it was rejected and i the said article using mobile. It is horrenduos :(

    18 november 2018 03:28 1628

    @HantuJanggot I suppose HTML doesn't work around here. Saw it, and pretty sure it didn't turn out the way you wanted.

    18 november 2018 09:57 1628


    HTML formatting does work however it is not necessary.

    To be honest, I can't really think of a reason to add it into an article.
    When I'm approving or rejecting articles I don't really care if someone used HTML formatting, If the article has quality written content and it is organized I will approve it. Your article can come across as unprofessional or gimmicky if you overdo things.
    If you want to do it, and you think it'll improve the quality of a work then go ahead and do it.

    But don't feel obligated

    19 november 2018 07:12 1628

    Noted Vaaren. I just want to practice what i just learn. Thanks for the feedback 👍

    19 november 2018 09:51 1628

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