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    Log in for 7 days and no rewards??

    So, i know i logged in for 7 days straight because i activated a Mannaz rune and just recently the effect ran out. I didn't get any 7-day bonus nor receive the Weekly chest. I don't know if i have to run any other verification or something

    11 november 2018 06:19 1628

    In fact, i just checked my activity feed and there's a "Daily login" entry EVERY DAY for the past 8 days at least...

    11 november 2018 06:29 1628

    have you tried claim your weekly chest from "collect the reward" tab ? i have same problem before. they wont automatically giveyou weekly reward after certain level and you need to go collect it manually

    11 november 2018 07:34 1628

    I did, it didn't let me. Also, aren't you supposed to get like bonus gems after logging in for a week straight?

    11 november 2018 07:39 1628

    I'll wait till i get next login bonus, then I'll ask Misty.. If they even have a category for that

    11 november 2018 18:50 1628

    They recently changed it.
    Go to Collect the Rewards -> Chests -> Weekly Chests
    It no longer automatically goes into your inventory. You have to redeem it from the chests section.

    11 november 2018 19:59 1628

    That's the thing, I CAN'T claim it

    11 november 2018 23:25 1628

    Sorry about that!
    If you're 100% sure you logged in 7 days in a row send a ticket to Misty detailing your problem.
    If anyone else is having this issue please say so!

    12 november 2018 00:06 1628

    Yup..just issue a ticket like what Vaaren said. Before we get the weekly chest automatically if log in 7days in week with no miss. But now Gamehag more the weekly chest to reward tab. Honestly its a blessing in disguise since i didn't even know theres a daily chest :P

    12 november 2018 07:20 1628

    False alarm everyone! The wait was worth it, the bonus finally arrived. Thanks for the concern guys

    12 november 2018 19:48 1628


    9 january 2021 18:24 1628

    Sorry but i don't commend it. I'm a new member this website.

    9 january 2021 22:26 1628

    me too lmaooo

    9 january 2021 22:50 1628

    I haven't tried it yet but in my brother's account I know it did cause he does all the easy tasks that give 5 SG

    12 february 2021 00:51 1628

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