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    redeeming gems for rewards how to post on fanpage?

    I redeem gems for steam card it offers 100 gems to show it off on fan page then contac with misty for 100 gem reward so my question is what do I need to do on fanpage to get credit can't sc reward window has codes on it just post and say hi got giftcard?

    10 november 2018 19:59 1628

    If you wanna can you share it on Facebook and more recommended sites and you make a screenshot and (i think) you write a mail to support [[email protected]] or you send your review on Trustpilot and you make a screenshot and you write a mail. Don't forget to attach the screenshot. I hope this comment is useful. Bye!

    10 november 2018 20:29 1628

    What Dr4gleX said is correct

    11 november 2018 19:39 1628

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