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    How does Referral codes work?

    Can someone explain me this or how to get SG from it?

    3 november 2018 10:35 1627

    Oh,Very interesting.Thanks :D

    4 november 2018 08:18 1627

    U get 20% of ur friend reward

    7 november 2018 10:44 1627

    Well.Can someone use my referal code?I don't have friends (that I know in real life) that use PC.You don't have to do it but I really want some more SG

    7 november 2018 13:19 1627

    I don't agree with Heydarrrr's statement. I only earned 200 SG after my friend (he use my ref link) have earned 1000 gems and this is only one time earning/ not lifetime.
    Edit: maybe the system is different now, correct me if I'm wrong. : D

    7 november 2018 13:40 1627

    I don't have friend that use PC :/ I don't have friends that are "Gamers"

    7 november 2018 14:39 1627

    Didn't know you could change your referral code.
    So, you don't need to register using the link? You just need others to paste your code in "Who recommend you"?

    7 november 2018 19:29 1627

    Guys but what are the levels in referrals???? It says if you'll refer 10 users you get some SG. I referred 20 users and I got nothing...

    9 july 2019 21:06 1627

    They have to have earn the required amount and be active for a certain about of time after that.

    9 july 2019 23:54 1627

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