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    War Thunder

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    why ge cost so much

    if I want to buy a reserve premium tank that just has some fancy cammo and a talisman I have to pay 2 euro

    7 november 2021 13:24 11

    I dnot' know man

    24 november 2021 22:49 11

    I'm not sure about the cost of the tank. It varies from region to region.
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    25 november 2021 20:43 11

    Reserve premiums are quite cheap but also they don't reward much and don't offer much unique compared to some other premium vehicles. GE is actually a reasonable price but also varies from region to region: 150 GE costs 1 dollar or 1 euro. It's better to buy a rank II or rank III premium for grinding but these will cost you likely more than 5 euros/dollars.

    26 november 2021 09:32 11

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