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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1743 rates

    What is the best budget skin for each weapon?

    Everyone talks about the most expensive weapon skins. Let's talk about some good looking yet cheap skins for each weapon!

    20 september 2021 05:03 808

    i dont about other guns, but i can say for awp, awp atheris is the best bughet skin for it, the details it includes that it dont even deserve the 2$ price range, it should be like 15-20$ if you see tho

    22 september 2021 11:59 808

    exoskeleton is good too

    23 september 2021 16:15 808

    usp-s -- lead conduit, m4a4 - -evil daimyo, p90-traction (skin barely has any wear, even a FT looks good)

    25 september 2021 06:41 808

    What are some basic smokes for each map?

    29 september 2021 22:11 808

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