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    Game Won't Start Up Properly?

    When it opens, it just tells me it couldn't connect to the server and then shuts down. My internet is fine. Is there any way I can fix this?

    24 october 2018 07:14 897

    Lol nvm it says in tiny letters that it's under maintenance. >_>
    Hopefully it's done in time to get in on the extra SG.

    24 october 2018 07:15 897

    If anyone wants to play with me, my username is Saiyaa.

    24 october 2018 15:52 897

    It seems fun, but I haven't successfully been able to get into a game with other players yet. Bot modes have been fun so far. I'd encourage trying it!

    24 october 2018 16:07 897

    good luck with the multiplayer

    29 october 2018 19:29 897

    Update: I completed the tasks a while ago. It was a really fun game!

    12 march 2019 05:19 897

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