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    resently my article that i worked hard got rejected i don't know why because it doesn't show the comments so could you guys help understand why

    article: sorry sreen shots are not showing here but they are good

    Hi, this article is all about Tanki x its feature and basic review. So enjoy reading and have fun trying it out if you want to.
    Tanki x is a free to play an online multi-player game. It is set in the future world. In which you fight people from all over the world as a tank in different modes and map. It differs greatly from its elder brother Tanki online. Tanki x is bigger, have great graphics and require a fairly good system to run. It is available on steam or you can download its client from its website directly.
    Screenshot (15).png
    Tanki x has 3 modes of battle.
    Death match: in which the person who gets the most kills wins.
    Team Death match: the team that gets the most kills wins.
    Capture the flag: the team that captures the most flag wins.
    Tanki x has 12 playable maps in the game, for example, Area 159, Iran, Massacre etc. In custom games, their gravity can also be changed from earth to moon to mars to super earth and also the time of battle day to night. so you will not get bored from seeing the same surroundings.
    Now the best parts. There are 11 turrets in the game (Turret: A low, flat armored gun emplacement, typically one that revolves) which different range melee, short, medium, long. There are 7 hulls in the game light, medium, heavy. The only main difference is in their armor and speed. But when combined with each other each hull and turret will feel different, so you would have to find your own playing styles by playing through all of them.
    Screenshot (145).png
    Screenshot (147).png
    Unlike Tanki online the only thing that can be upgraded are modules and skins trust me these are enough. There are many different skins and paints in the game some can make you stand out in the game while others can hide your appearance and making stealing flag a breeze. Anyway, you won’t have to worry about wearing the same thing twice.
    I was wrong this is the best part. Modules are the thing that makes Tanki x special. Some modules can make you invisible while some can make you invincible for a short period of time of course. They can give you a drone to help you attack or they can give you mine with legs like a spider hence called the spider mine that keeps following the enemy that goes by it and explodes when it reaches it. Only the craftiest ones can avoid it.
    There are 11 modules for turrent and 11 modules for hulls, but only 6 can be used at a time. 3 for turrent and 3 for the hull. They can be upgraded to increase their parameters by using blue crystals, but they need to be unlocked first by using their blueprints. Blueprints can be obtained by buying the blueprint container from the store or by using x-crystals. But x-crystals are hard to get but can be bought with real money or you can get blueprints by getting a good score in the battle and get a battle container from those points so the more you play the more you get better and more powerful.
    Screenshot (148).png
    Overall Tanki x is a fantastic game, it got 6/10 on steam and 3.8/5 MMOS.com 89% of Google users liked it. It was released in march/2018 but it beta test was open like a year ago, so those reviews may be for beta. So it can be said it is new. Personally, I would give it 7.5/10
    Hope you guys like the article some tips just put it in the comments or message me if you are rejecting it the reason will help me get better. Thanks for reading have a lag free life.
    Tip: you get free rewards for 14 days when starting the game so don’t waste those rewards they are much too valuable.
    few screenshot ;) hate to see them get wasted.
    Screenshot (156).png
    rushed in lol
    Screenshot (159).png

    17 october 2018 15:39 1628

    I commented that on your previous article that your screenshots were not showing up. You should upload them to a proper image host and resubmit your article. No point posting it here

    17 october 2018 16:51 1628

    what not showing?
    they don't show comments on rejected articles so that's why i post here to get comments
    thanks for the help

    17 october 2018 16:53 1628

    anything else that is wrong

    17 october 2018 16:53 1628

    funny, when articles including mine gets rejected, but someone that trolls by copypasting a link or directly copying from someonelse gets to keep the article.

    17 october 2018 17:12 1628

    sorry i have no idea what are you saying

    17 october 2018 17:17 1628

    i wrote an pretty long article lastnight, it got rejected. If you go to article section and look on all the articles that has not got rejected. Like yesterday i went thru the articles and voted, 10/10 of the articles where copypasted from someonelse, one hadd a link that was copypasted like 2000times, another one hadd 3words copypasted 2000times.. and so on..

    17 october 2018 17:30 1628

    ok thank that I understand and I know the feeling
    2 more of my articles got rejected at least we tried and not copy pasted it or spammed it at least give some appreciation

    17 october 2018 17:34 1628

    ok i have uploaded this again hopefully the pics are showing

    17 october 2018 17:34 1628

    sorry bro explain please

    17 october 2018 18:03 1628

    he said hope you get your article liked

    17 october 2018 18:49 1628

    nice article you did

    17 october 2018 19:38 1628

    very nice

    17 october 2018 19:38 1628


    17 october 2018 19:38 1628

    thanks all

    17 october 2018 20:22 1628

    I don't get it. You seem to have an article about the game, published before you even began this thread. And the comments are perfectly visible, from what I see.

    18 october 2018 15:48 1628

    i am here for level

    18 october 2018 17:36 1628

    dakuwanga what are you saying ???

    18 october 2018 18:40 1628

    he’s saying he can see your previous article on your profile page so he’s wondering why you started this thread

    19 october 2018 04:12 1628

    he can see comments onthem 😦😦😦😦😦😦 how ?

    19 october 2018 16:05 1628

    Your article looks fine on your profile page.

    19 october 2018 18:08 1628

    yep, it's on your profile page

    19 october 2018 21:27 1628

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