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    Rejection for Task 1

    ya im having same issue with this game, im going to hit up a admin in discord ^^

    25 december 2018 00:15 2176

    i got rejected 2 i played 15 games and it was still not enough i dont know what to do

    3 january 2019 00:57 2176

    I was rejected to, but i like the game ( crossout ). i replaced one wheel with "stronger" but the old wheel is near by the machine, and i can't enter the battle because the game told me "Some parts are unwelded".

    Does anybody know how to get rid of this WHEEEEEL. Thanks

    4 january 2019 07:36 2176

    Mate, I have been there. It wasn't until I sent a screenshot of me winning 37 battles did I complete task I and even still it was rejected until I sent a ticket. If I were you, I'd write a ticket and: mention the game (In this case Crossout), mention exactly what the task is (Play 15 battles), say that the screenshot clearly shows that you have completed the task and say how your username is clearly displayed. Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone :)

    4 january 2019 11:10 2176

    totaly worth playing/ doent take too long to get 5/10 and whatever the last assingment is. i had troubles getting the points. from my expirience, if you are getting rejected, resubmit the screenshot (i take a new one) once or twice and if it foesnt work create a ticket (chat with misty)

    7 january 2019 13:09 2176

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